Time Management

Come on a journey to examine the management of time

A routine helps to set patterns that are continued day after day, and these patterns can be improved on over time to increase the amount of time which gets utilized in each day.

Some arguments against a routine are that it feels like being in a prison, or that the use of a routine gets rid of the spontaneity of life. But these arguments are not strong, and they don't stand up to reason. A routine is not prison, because the choice of the routine is up to you. And you have the choice to vary the routine if you need to so that spontaneity can remain.

The best way to start a routine is to write a list of of tasks that would like to complete in a perfect ideal day. Such a routine does not need to be particularly difficult one. Make it easy. Could be, wake up at 6am, have breakfast. have shower. go to work. go to gym. catch up with friends. Sleep.

As you get better at following a routine, you can add more items or delete them to help create your perfect day.