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  • Daily Planner

    Daily Planner

    The use of a daily planner for time management is essential. A daily planner can be a software program or written that sets out the goals one requires for the day.

  • Importance of a routine

    Importance of a routine

    Human bodies are inherently lazy. The use of a routine forces productivity that otherwise would not exist.

  • Distractions


    Time management requires that you remove distractions form your work place. Obviously, keeping a clean desk and work area is important. Other things might be deactiving your phone during periods where work needs to be done. Avoiding food or drink in the workplace.

  • Time management todo

    Time management todo

    Keeping a daily todo list is one of the most important ways to exercise time management. The procedure involves writing a list of tasks that you need to engage in each day, and then to tick the tasks as you follow through them.